Application Development

Mobile application with customization, Wide range of enterprise mobile product application development services including mobile porting, design, wireless mobile computing, smartphone solutions, remote device management, and many more.

Creative Solutions

User interface design, layout, the best practice and innovative solutions to your business.

Deliver for Future

Creative and experienced with latest industry trends to deliver next generation enterprise web applications, mobile solutions - portal development and maintenance along with technical support, brand management and online marketing.

100% Job Placement

Our frendly network companies hire students who successfully complete the skill development practical training from our company.

Software Development

Complete firm of skilled professionals, award winners having unique and immense experience in the Website Design, development and maintenance. Sharply focus on client’s business and deliver best possible solutions and methodologies.


Terms & Conditions of Service

WEBX TECHNOLOGY warrants that materials produced and delivered to the customer by WEBX TECHNOLOGY meet generally accepted industry standards as well WEBX TECHNOLOGY  own extremely strict quality standards and specifications.


  • Most projects worked on by WEBX TECHNOLOGY require the customer to provide certain materials and/or content. Required materials/content for projects may include, but are not limited to, text copy, headline text, graphics, photos, audio, video, any other content element the customer would like included in the final product, and feedback where necessary.
  • Customer input materials/content must be submitted in a clear and organized fashion. Customers should organize and compile the complete set of required input materials on their end and then submit all materials at once in a cohesive manner. Required input materials should not be submitted in a piecemeal fashion or spread out over a long period of time.
  • All text content should be submitted in a digital format that allows WEBX TECHNOLOGY to copy and reuse the exact text content without transcription. Acceptable digital formats include plain text (.txt), text in the body of an email, text in a Microsoft Word document (.doc), or text in a Rich Text Document (.rtf).


  • A 50% deposit is required at the start of all projects, unless otherwise specified.
  • Full payment is due on completion of the customer’s project, before delivery/publication of the completed project materials. We do not delivery/publish completed goods or services before payment is finalized. In cases where payment terms have been extended for a project the invoice billing cycle begins on the delivery/publication date for the project.
  • Balances not paid within 30 days from their due date will accrue interest at a rate of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) and shall accrue daily.
  • The customer is responsible for paying all collection costs for an invoice in the event that payment for that invoice is over 30 days past due and collection services are used. This includes any legal fees that may or may not be necessary.
  • Should the customer’s company become unable to pay any accrued balance with WEBX TECHNOLOGY., the principal officers of the customer’s company shall be deemed liable for the entire balance.


  • Stated or estimated completion or due dates for projects are estimates and are not guaranteed. While we go out of our way to meet customer deadlines, WEBX TECHNOLOGY specifically disclaims liability for delays in delivery and any consequential damages or losses.
  • Projects will be delayed by the customer’s failure to provide all required materials/content on time. Required input materials/content should be provided at the start of the project, unless otherwise specified.
  • Projects will be delayed by the customer’s failure to provide feedback and/or decisions based on design mockups and working demos in a timely fashion.
  • Projects will be delayed by the customer’s failure to pay promptly upon project completion or invoice due date.


  • Certain portions of the design process require customer approval. Approval can be given in verbal, email or written form. These approvals are important since they establish the customer’s desire to move forward with a specific design or functionality.
  • When a screenshot design phase is undertaken, customer approval of a screenshot indicates that the customer wants to move forward with that specific overall design and layout. Changes to the overall design and layout for a project require extra time and work once coding has begun, so it is important for the customer to get all desired changes to the overall design and layout into the initial screenshot design phase and before coding begins. If changes to the overall design or layout are requested after screenshot approval WEBX TECHNOLOGY will provide an estimate for the extra time and cost required to make the change. In many cases the change requested requires little extra work and WEBX TECHNOLOGY will often execute the change free of additional charge, but customers should note that change requests requiring significant extra work to the overall design or layout after screenshot approval may require extra charges.
  • It should be noted that changes or tweaks to the content (text, headlines, links, etc.) on a site can be easily made even after coding has started, so these types of changes do not have to be made before coding or before screenshot approval.


  • WEBX TECHNOLOGY reserves the right to modify pricing, specifications, packages, required materials, discounts, or special offers from our advertising, website, or other company materials without obligation or notice.
  • Price quotes and estimates are valid for 30 days unless otherwise specified.


  • The customer represents and warrants to WEBX TECHNOLOGY that the customer and WEBX TECHNOLOGY are not, or will not be as a result of any work done for the customer by WEBX TECHNOLOGY in violation of any intellectual property rights of the customer or of third parties.


  • Work performed by WEBX TECHNOLOGY for a customer is performed at the sole risk of the customer. While we go out of our way to deliver high quality work, WEBX TECHNOLOGY specifically disclaims liability for damage or loss of any kind suffered by the customer, directly or indirectly, due to fire, theft, casualty, negligence, or any other reason.
  • The customer agrees to indemnify and hold WEBX TECHNOLOGY harmless from and against any losses or damages incurred by the customer or any third party as a result of services or related to services provided for the customer by WEBX TECHNOLOGY.
  • Source materials/content provided to WEBX TECHNOLOGY by or on behalf of the customer will become the property of WEBX TECHNOLOGY unless otherwise noted. For example, if the customer provides a CD which includes necessary source materials, that CD becomes the property of WEBX TECHNOLOGY The CD may or may not be kept in storage by WEBX TECHNOLOGY Customers should never submit sole-copies or originals to WEBX TECHNOLOGY It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their own copies or originals of any important source material.


  • WEBX TECHNOLOGY will not be held responsible for failing to perform its obligations under this agreement if such failure is caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of WEBX TECHNOLOGY., including, but not limited to, acts of God, equipment failures, and delays by subcontractors or suppliers.


  • All business conducted with WEBX TECHNOLOGY shall be governed by these terms & conditions. This includes business conducted based on verbal agreements and agreements made by email. This also includes instances where the customer chooses not to formally submit a signed copy of WEBX TECHNOLOGY ‘s paperwork, such as the estimate form.